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Google Advertising

46% of All Product Searches Begin on Google

Believe it or not, there are 3.5 billion Google searches every day. From clothing to cars to holidays to piano lessons, whenever we want to know, find or buy something, the majority of us turn to Google.?

This accessibility to a global market, allowing your business to pop up according to certain search terms, means that a Google Ads strategy is something all businesses should consider. Google Ads for eCommerce businesses are particularly vital, with 46% of all product searches beginning on Google.

However, whilst this tool can be incredibly impactful, it needs to be yielded correctly to be effective. As a Google Ads agency, we do far more than just provide you with a list of relevant keywords. We get to know your business and most importantly your goals, then create and implement a strategy which helps you achieve them.

Google ads are split into Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing Ads and Google Shopping Ads.?

Search / Display Ads
Google Retargeting Ads
Google Shopping Ads

Google Search Ads are what appear at the top of your page when you enter a search, whereas Display Ads are placed on certain websites across the web from companies that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN).?

So what does this look like in practice? Let’s imagine you sell security alarm systems and operate within the UK. You’re going to want an ad to come up for your business when people google ‘security alarm systems UK’. The trouble is, so will every other business selling security alarms.?

So how do you make sure your ad is selected by Google to be displayed? Is it just who pays the most? Nope. It’s actually down to a combination of factors. The regularity in which your Ad is shown, and to which people, will depend on your strategy, keyword research and the quality of the ads themselves.?

This is what we specialise in. We have the experience and tools to ensure that your ads get in front of your desired audience without relying on unrealistic levels of budget. But we don’t just hand you a plan. We monitor the success of the strategy closely, constantly making tweaks to optimise performance and bring down your cost per acquisition/cost per click.

73% of all online purchases are abandoned in the checkout phase. This can be infuriating for businesses, knowing that customers have come so close to then pause at the last second. Perhaps they’re waiting for a payment to come in, or they have it saved there so they can mull it over some more.?

Google Retargeting Ads are made for these situations. You can create specific ads for people that have already visited your site, reminding them of your business. These ads will differ from other Google Ads you are running – you may even want to offer a discount code, just to get them over the line.

We help you design and implement these ads so they have the pulling power to bring customers back to your site.

Google Shopping Ads are often referred to as Product Listing Ads that appear in Google Search results. As opposed to advertising your business, Google Shopping Ads can advertise individual products, taking the customer directly to a product page on your site.?

This type of ad mainly applies to eCommerce businesses, and we work with you to choose which products you should promote and plan how you can best do it.

Terms You May Have Heard?

We try to avoid jargon as much as possible, but thought it might be useful to define some of terms you might have heard, so you’re all clued up.?

PPC: Pay per click. This describes advertising formats where you, as the business, only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This applies to Google Search Ads and certain social media ads.?

Keywords: Keywords describe the main words and phrases people use when searching for your product or service.?

CPA: Cost per acquisition. The exact amount it costs for you to get a new customer. This is calculated by dividing your marketing/advertising spend by your number of new customers over a certain time period.?

CPC: Cost per click. Just as it sounds. The amount it costs you every time a potential customer clicks on one of your ads.?

ROAS: Return on ad spend. The amount of revenue your business makes for every pound you spend on advertising.?

A/B Testing: This is where you test 2 (or more) pieces of content (ads or organic content) against each other to see which performs best.

Case Studies

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What Our Clients Say About Us

They have been taking care of my online marketing strategy (google ads, FB ads, social media, ...) since 2016. Not only they are expert in the field but they are very committed to get the best for you, according to your budget. Highly recommended!
- Thierry Lemaire, Faster Property Solutions
During her time working with us, Jessy from Yay!Starter Marketing has delivered a clear strategy across multiple marketing streams which has given us at Paybase the ability to make every aspect of our marketing accountable. Jessy and the team have produced fantastic work in generating inbound leads, creating and running our email automation nurturing programme, leading our re-brand project and growing our social media following and engagement. I couldn't recommend them more.
- Anna Tsyupko, Paybase