20 October 2021
An Unsung Black Marketing Icon
Do you know of any African Americans who were responsible for timeless marketing and pop culture campaigns? We do. Keep reading to learn more!
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16 September 2021
3 Pillars of Success on Social Media
Social media has not only become a part of our everyday lives but is also one of the most powerful tools in getting your product out there, creating awareness and generating sales. But how do you p...
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25 August 2021
How to Determine Your Target Audience
Lights, Camera, Action! But wait, who are you presenting to? A movie producer doesn’t start shooting for a blockbuster film without researching and funneling down their target audience, so what mak...
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1 July 2021
2021 eCommerce Best Practice Trends
If you are looking to thrive in the digital reality of 2021, it is important to be aware of some eCommerce trends to watch out for when creating a digital marketing strategy that will help your bus...
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12 March 2021
Google PPC: Is It Worth It?
PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the many digital marketing channels used to drive traffic from search engines. It is a common practice for both new and established businesses to use PPC ...
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